Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change out my ribbons or elastics?

Ribbons and elastics can be changed out by pulling them through the casing. Our favorite tools for threading ribbons and elastics through are safety pins or a yarn needles.

How do I wash my mask?

We suggest hand washing the masks and laying them flat to dry. We like to wash our masks in garment bags to avoid them catching on anything in the wash. Once dry, you can steam the masks to get out any wrinkles.

What's a fofa?

Fofa is Portuguese for cute. From our travels we've come to love the Portuguese culture and thought "fofas" sounded fun!

Why are all your masks named after grande dames?

Fofas is dedicated to the strong women who taught us to appreciate the old but welcome the new. To the women who taught us to make jam, garden, and sew; to love gingham and wicker; to see the glass half full; and most importantly, to empower all women. All our products are named after these women who made us the people we are today.

Why flannel lining?

Flannel is rated high for filtering particles (according to the New York Times). Each of our pleated masks comes equipped with 2 layers. The interior layer is made out of soft flannel and doubles as a pocket which is designed to hold disposable filters. Each of our reversible masks comes equipped with 2 exterior layers of 100% cotton fabric. As of August 22nd, 2020, we are adding a flannel inner layer to all reversible masks for extra filtration.

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